EU-DRAW Hub consists of a group of young scholars (early-stage researchers, Ph.D. candidates, students) that – under the teaching staff’s direction and supervision – collaborate to realize the project outcomes, especially developing study and research activities in key areas related to shared values on which EU is founded and which it promotes, even considering the external action of the EU and its role as a global actor, in line with the European Commission’s priorities for 2019-2024 (namely “Promoting our European way of life”, as well as “A new push for European Democracy”), especially the initiative Strengthening the rule of law within the Union, the European Democracy Action Plan, as well as the Strategy to strengthen the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Angela Festa

Ph.D, Researcher and Lecturer of EU Law, Department of Law- University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”. Research Fellow in International Law (Research Project on “The independence of the judiciary and the Rule of law in the “dialogue” between European Courts), and Adjunct Professor of “Rule of law and EU fundamental values” , University of Salerno (2021). Junior Researcher of the Observatory on the European Area of Freedom Security and Justice, University of Salerno.

Stefania Kolarz

EU Law Analyst at the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) where she works for preparing analyses and publications on EU law and public international law and evaluation of their development on Polish law. In-house lawyer in Juice sp. z o.o. (since 03.2021 Head of Legal) where legal advising on day-to-day issues regarding civil law, intellectual property law, business law, corporate law, administrative law, private international law, tax law, labour law. Ph.D Candidate (end 2023) of the University of Wrocław.

Giovanna Naddeo

She is currently a third-year PhD Candidate in “Legal Sciences” (International, European and Comparative Law), University of Salerno. Honorary fellow in European Union Law. Her research interests focus on the protection of fundamental rights, EU citizenship, privacy and data protection, police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, and external action of the European Union. She is a Lawyer Candidate at the Bar of Salerno. Since 2017, she is also a member of the Italian Order of Journalists.

Mariano Manuel Bartiromo

Graduated in Law (University of Salerno), his research interests focus on human trafficking. He served in the Red Cross at the landings that took place in Salerno between 2016 and 2017, acting as a translator for the doctors involved in the rescue. He has been working in migration sector, teaching Italian and supporting migrants.